Monday, July 03, 2006

Getting Ready for Tatumn Hope!

What a week! It was so busy for us and filled with such joy! And milestones! God's Faithfulness has captured us in a new and profound way!
We just love looking at our sweet girl! We are all so in love! Whenever the boys see her picture, they will say "that is my baby sister!" They love her so! Her daddy has been swept away as well! I have prayed that his heart would be so tender to a little girl and have secretly wondered what it would be like for Kip to love a daughter.Well on Saturday we were so blessed to have our dear friends the Cowlings come to our Patriotic Service at our church. Bill served over 1 year in Iraq and we were honored to have him celebrated during our service. They came up to meet our small group and meet this new group of people that we have grown to love and cherish. As we were talking we shared a little bit of what we found out about Tatumn's history. We found out that she was found by a gentlemen, who was passing by. He picked her up, and took her to the police station. As we were sharing this, Kip with tears in eyes, said "I wish we could find that guy.(we do know his name) and say Thank you." My friend Tina, commented that he said that like a daddy. Not an adopted daddy, but a daddy who fiercely loves his daughter. Oh! Thank you Lord for growing his heart and filling it with love for her! God is so Good!
Well things are busy at The Crawford's. We have put off doing a lot until referral. So, now we are busy trying to set up her crib, getting packing lists together, getting re-finger printed, applying for Visa's, sending out announcements, shopping!, and enjoying the Summer with the Boys! We thank you for your prayers and support! They mean so much to us! We love you so!
Busy Mom-Steph


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