Sunday, July 30, 2006

Summer Fun at Crown Center Fountains

On Friday we met up with The Massey's at Crown Center! We ordered pizza from The Bronx and the kids got to play in the fountains! We had a great time! When the sun finally went down, it was actually nice to be outside! We watched the Free Friday Night movie, Footloose! Funny what you catch on to when you are the mommy now! I don't remember some of the scene's playing out like that! One of the best things about hanging out with the Massey's is we laugh so hard with them! We get to relax, all of our kids play so great together, and doing life with them is just good! And not to far off, we will both be adding to the mix a sweet little almond eyed beauty! How good is God! I pray and also thank the Lord that He created these two little girls to be friends. Their birthdates are so close, much like our littlest boys. I know that the girls' birth givers didn't know each other but I know that God knows their names and loves them just the same. I pray that He will give them the assurance that their little girls are being loved, will be loved for all of their days. I pray that He will touch their hearts with His love! Our lives will be forever changed and blessed because of the love and the chance that they gave their girls. I will be forever grateful to Tatumn's birth giver, and promise not to forget her.


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