Monday, July 24, 2006

Wedding Fun in Nebraska!

On Saturday we loaded up the van and the children and headed North. WAY NORTH! Northern Nebraska to be exact! We were so excited for our road trip. The reason for our destination was to attend the wedding of Joey and Kari. Kari worked for my husband, and she became one of the family! And through loving her, we got to know her Joey! He is a police officer, which the boys think is SO COOL! He is a good guy, we love him too!
Tucker informed us on the ride there, that boy always has a lot to say, that he had never been to a wedding before! He asked a lot of questions and pondered things out loud. He asked if it was outside; to which we answered "Yes", asked if Joey was going to wear a tux "Yes" then he was curious why he wasn't going to wear a tux. Then Tanner thought we were all going to look dorky because nobody in our family was dressing up! I had to remind them that we were guests at the wedding not in the wedding party! These boys are crazzy! Taylor was very curious about the garter toss. You will never believe this.....but he caught it! We cheered for him like he just caught the winning touchdown in the Superbowl! It was HILARIOUS!!!!
The boys danced with the Brides mom, Shelley! She asked if we taught them how to dance, did I mention that she is a little sarcastic? She fits right in with us!
Well, Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin will be coming over for dinner some time this week and we are so excited to see pictures and hear all the great stories! We were so thrilled to be a part of their Most Exciting Day!


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