Monday, July 17, 2006

First Photo of the Boys and their Sister!

This was taken on referral day! OKAY, it isn't the best kind of photo, up until that moment we didn't even know what she looked like! But this will go down as the first photo of our 4 children! (Minus the UPS man! He was a good sport that day!)
I was "nesting" today I am sure of it. I cleaned out the pantry, redecorated some things in the kitchen, moved furniture around in the living room, and changed things around in the office. What I kept coming up against was either needing an 8x10 frame for Tatumn's picture or having an empty frame that would be perfect for all 4 of them! So, now by the kitchen window by the sink there is an empty 8x10 frame waiting to be filled with all 4 of our children! I can't wait to be home with Tatumn and resume our "normal" life!
Waiting for our Travel Acceptance, Steph


Blogger Tam said...

This web-site is so amazing! THANK YOU for keeping up with journaling for our sake. :)
I'm so exicted! Thank you for those wonderful, precious photos of your family!
Matthew 21:22
If you believe,you will receive
whatever you ask for in prayer.
I love you!

7:43 AM  

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