Monday, July 10, 2006

Referral Celebration with The Massey Family!

On Satuday we FINALLY got to celebrate in style with our dear friends the Massey's! The Monday that we got our referrals was crazzy and hectic for both of our families! Greg, Ally's husband, was out of town and my husband was in classes all day! We both got our phone calls around the same time and since we were the only Kansas City families, we drove to our branch office to get our files! So, there we were 2 frantic and bewildered moms, with 5 children (her oldest Ryland was on vacation with her parents and sister!)driving to get our fuzzy, black and white pictures of our daughters. We celebrated and fell in love with our little darlings, but we just couldn't"really" celebrate without all of our group there!
So, on Saturday we were invited to the Massey's to celebrate! They had decorated their deck beautifully! There were chinese lanterns hanging on the trees! The table was beautiful with Red Roses, Chinese fans, chopsticks in festive Chinese colors! And the FOOD was amazing! I only wish that they had a China One in China! That is my favorite version of Chinese Food! And do you think they may have Crab Rangoon in China? If so, then I will do just fine!
We toasted our Blessings with a toast from Ally. (It was Sparkling Juice!)Ally talked about how in the book of Ruth, she was from a country that didn't acknowledge the Lord Most High. She came from a land that worshipped many gods, but Ruth, beacause of Naomi, found the God Most High and called on His Name to be her God.Our prayer is the same with our girls,that we will live our lives in Honor of the Lord Most High. And like in Ruth, Our God will become their One True God. That they will call on Him in honor and truth. And love Him with their whole hearts!
Greg and Ally's daughter is Myer Kincayd Massey. She was born Sept.3, 2005. She is in the Beihai Social Welfare Institute. Guangxi Province.
I feel so blessed that The Lord has blessed our friendship in so many ways. Being able to raise these two little girls, side by side, is one of His sweetest! We will not being going to the same Province, but we will meet up agagin in Guangzhou and from then on, Tatumn and Myer will get to do life together just like their mommies do! Oh! What Fun!
Tatumn's Mommy-Stephanie


Blogger Tam said...

Crawford's for setting up this blog, so we can share your journey with you. Many blessings! God has always given us more than we could ever imagine and He will do that again and again...more awesome than we could expect!
God is Awesome!
Lamentations 3:23 (New Living Translation):
Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each day.
I love you, Sister in Christ!

6:56 AM  
Blogger TracieD said...

Stephanie, I'm so blessed by your faithfulness and the beautiful sentiment you've expressed upon learning of your daughter. It makes me even more full of anticipation as we wait for our referral this month (LID 6/29/05). Thanks for sharing. I'm praising God right along with you and looking forward to reading more about your journey to Tatumn. A fellow JuneJitterBug, Tracie Dakters,Elyria, OH

10:01 PM  

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