Thursday, July 13, 2006

Building a Bear named HOPE!

We have been so looking forward to this day! We have talked about as soon as we received Tatumn's referral that we would go to Build A Bear and make a bear for her. We plan on sleeping with her bear so it will smell like us and we will give it to her on our Gotcha Day! Our hope is that she will be more familiar with us, and believe it or not our smells, and will be able to transistion well into our home! we have been taught that we will not only look different to her, she may not have ever seen a man before! But "Westerners" smell different. So, we are hoping that this may make her feel more secure once we are home! Please pray for that.
We chose the little bear. She is a little one (easier to pack! Tanner wanted the BIGGEST Bunny they had!)and she has pink fur mixed in! She is cute! Then we all got a heart, rummed it to make it warm, kissed it, and said a little wish/prayer for her! Then the boys got to fluff her, and make her birth certificate! It was a good time! The boys are already planning on bringing her back and getting to dress one up with her! And they are secretly hoping that get to make one of their own as well! I think we could handle that! They have been so good and excited during this long process! I am just crazzy about them!
A little note about Hope. We say it so often and most times we say it more of a wish! I hope we have pizza for dinner, I hope the boys don't get sick, I hope my suitcase makes the weight limit!, I hope Kip wants to go shopping in China! But the biblical meaning of Hope is: Joyful Expectation. Close to a promise from God. Hebrews 10:23 says Let us hold unswervingly to the HOPE we profess, for he who promised is faithful. The HOPE, the joyful expectation, that God does fulfill His promises in us, that He not only died for us but lives to intercede, that His plan is for our good, our hope and future is secure in His hands, He will never forsake us, and will return for us. When I hope that this will happen, it is not a wish but it is full of joyful expectation in the One and Only who can fulfill it.
So, we named Tatumn's bear Hope. Our prayer is that she will know the One and fall in love with the One who our Hope is in!Because He loves her even more than we do! And friends that has to be a bunch!
Waiting in Joyful expectation, Steph


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