Monday, July 24, 2006

The Crawford's explore the Omaha Zoo!

We stopped off at the Omaha Zoo on our way home from the wedding! We have heard such great things about this zoo, so we dicided to stop and take a look for ourselves! We were NOT disappointed! The alligators and crocidiles freaked us out a little bit! The one thing that was so great about this zoo is how close you actually get to the animals! We were so close to Rhinos, Polar Bears, Grizzly Bears, Lions, Tigers, oh my! I threw that in for Taylor! Penguins, Sharks, jellyfish.......I have actually had a MUCH CLOSER connection with a MUCH LARGER jellyfish before but.....that is a long stroy and one that is still a little frightning to talk about! So, we will not go there today!
One thing I learned on this little trip was that my favorite white, leather, flip flops will not do well in China. I devoloped a blister on both of my feet, I did make it through the day!, so now I am in a shoe dilemma!
Moving on .....again! We would recommend the zoo! Taylor said something that was a crack-up! He kept saying "And you thought mom we lived in a zoo!" Yeah our lives our crazzy and at times it is a little smelley (have you been around pre-teen boys after a football game?) But it is MY ZOO! I wouldn't trade it for anything!
The Zoo Keeper, Steph


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