Monday, July 31, 2006

Showers of Blessings!

Oh! What a wonderful time I have had this weekend! I was so fortunate to spend the weekend with the people that I love the most! From Aunts who are my favorite, my favorite Aunt Debbie, my favorite Aunt Pearl, my favorite Aunt Ginger, and so on..,to my earliest Best Friend and her mom, my mom and sisters, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, my sweet neighbor, old and new friends, and last but certainly not least my GIRLS. I have not laughed and cried and celebrated like this in a long time.
It was the absolute best way to celebrate Tatumn's little life. This sweet little one is so loved by so many and I dare say that they so desire her to be here about as much as we do!
On Saturday, my girlfriend's Jennifer and Ally hosted a beautiful shower at Jennifer's house! There were of course lots of pink, lots of girly things, great food, and the sweetest of all was that my girls were there! I cannot put into words what this group of girls mean to me! They have been my support, my encouragement, my running mates, my mentors, and so much more. I just love them so much!
One of the sweetest things that we did on Saturday was pray for Tatumn. It was a uniting of the Spirit,a calling out to the Father, with a unified heart. It blessed me so much to gather back with this amazing group of ladies, I truly wish the day didn't have to end! I am just crazzy about each and every one of them!
Well, Ms. Tatumn was showered lavishly with gifts and prayers! From bath gels and lotions, to the sweetest bath towels and toys,the cutest little clothes,play gyms, and monogram bibs, to ladybug shoes, a darling strawberry sweater and hat, a ballerina book, her first bracelet, her first tea set, an American Girl Bitty Baby, and the most amazing decorations for her room!
My mom helped me bring everything home, yes it took 2 cars! We were bringing all of our goodies in and the boys were just amazed! They kept saying this is what you get at a baby shower?! Yep, I replied and a lot more than just gifts. I think they understood what I meant. You see our boys have seen this group of ladies rise up and be there for us in a way that none of us have ever experienced before. There was a week in March that literally brought us to our knees. We were hit with a pretty major blow that took the breath out of us. It was tough, I will not lie. One thing after another that week left us shocked and scared. This special band of believers rallied around us, fed us, sat at the hospital, called to check in, came by to visit, and PRAYED for us. I am not exaggerating when I say, they carried us through the storm.
My life has not been the same since the day that I walked into First Baptist Church, a very young mom with so many questions and a desire that only God could fill. We may not all serve in that church anymore, some still do and the fruit of that labor is showing in a mighty way! But others have gone out and grown amazing ministries in new places, but my heart will be forever knit so tightly with this group that time, location, and life cannot separate! I love you girls and thank you from the bottom of my soul!


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