Friday, August 11, 2006

Packing Surprises!

Oh if only I could take all of the boys! But leaving this little one is tearing my heart out. Last night (and really all day yesterday), I tried to get all of Tatumn's things together and packed. With all of the new restrictions, I needed to rethink my strategy for carry on items. Taylor was gone for the day, Tanner was busy doing his own thing, but Tucker was my shadow. Tanner did come in and check things out but Tucker stayed by my side asking lots of questions. And honestly, crying some tears. I tried my best to reassure him that we would be home before he knew it, he would be too excited meeting his friends back up at school that he wouldn't even miss us. I think we both knew that I was pulling out all the stops to make it better for both of us. Yes, it will be tough not kissing the boys before they leave for school and tucking them in at night, watching Taylor come off the bus, hearing Tanner's tales about the day, and having Tucker hug my neck so tight! I have heard from another mom to three boys and she assured me that I will miss the boys more than they will miss me. I think the anticipation is worse than the actual departure. Please keep us in your prayers, I think we will need them!
So, back to packing. Miss Tatumn's things have taken up an entire suitcase! WHOA! For such a tiny thing, she takes up a lot of room! And you want to know the funny thing....it's KIPS suitcase! I hope he is packing light! Really, we have mapped out a strategy and we think we will be all right! The liquid thing has me a little nervous, I am just glad we knew about it before hand. Did you notice all of the things people had to throw away? EEK! That would not have been good. Well, we are still packing. But now we are making some serious progress!
Packing, Stephanie


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