Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tatumn Hope is growing!!!

Yesterday we received a growth update on Tatumn. Her first medical examination was in April and at that time she was 25 inches long and she is now 28 inches long. She weighed 13.6 lbs and she now weighs 16.4 lbs. Her little foot is 4.2 inches long. And this is the real kicker........ she has 4 TEETH!!!I know we were shocked too! I am so thrilled that she is growing, although she is still a little peanut!, and I am so grateful that she is getting good enough nourishment but I am missing out on some important firsts. I am thankful that the Lord has stood near, and He has not missed a single first. In fact He has ordained them all. Her first breath, her first tear, even the first beat of her little heart! And about the pictures.... I think that the Lord must want to do the unveiling right before our very eyes! That day is drawing so close, I am ready Lord!
One more thing..... our tickets were bought and secured TODAY!!! And we leave 2 weeks from TODAY!!! I cannot wrap my head around the fact that in 2 weeks we will be on a plane bound for our daughter's homeland. What started out as only a whisper to my heart, to dreams and prayers, then evolved to paper work and notaries, to a moment that God got our attention and we wrestled the thing out, to referral pictures, showers, prayers, and travel! Amazing! And truly the journey has just begun!
Packing, Steph


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