Saturday, June 03, 2006

Have we been matched?

3 Boys and 1 Ladybug
Last night I had a dream about our little ladybug. I held her and knew her. I don't dream about her very often. I truly believe that the days are getting so close. I wonder what will she look like? How old is she? Does she have any teeth? What does her brief little history look like? Will she like us? Will she grow to love us? As hard as it is to imagine, she is not waiting for us. We have prayed so often that the Lord will prepare her little heart for us. That He would be already growing a love for us within her little heart.

Were you born today?
Were you born today across the ocean deep and blue?
Did someone wrap you warmly? Did they stop and gaze at you?

Did they look upon your almond eyes and touch your silken hair?
Did they stop to kiss each tiny toe, hear your breath upon the air?

Did you hear a soft voice comforting, securely in her arms?
The warmth of two souls bonding, oh, the lure of newborn charms.

Were they charmed by every movement; every yawn and stretch and pout?
Did they celebrate with handshakes and good spirits all about?

(Or were the tears mistaken, as they fell upon your face?
Their eyes were wells of sorrow? Their heads hung in disgrace?

Did they tremble when they realized the thing that would be done?
Did they mourn the new day coming, with the rising of the sun?)

Did they place you, oh so tenderly, in the place where you were found?
Were those blankets wrapped up tightly to deny the cold, hard ground?

Did she whisper words of comfort with a love that was so deep?
Did she recognize the features of this one she could not keep?

Did you feel the night wind blowing as it carried in the morn?
Did you hear your mother weeping on the day that you were born?

And here across the ocean a mother weeps for you.
How long before she travels across that ocean, deep and blue?

How long before she gazes at those dimpled hands?
How long before she travels to that promised, distant land?

Her heart is filled with gladness. Her dreams are coming true.
The secret thrill of motherhood, across that ocean deep and blue.

And she'll gaze upon your almond eyes and touch your silken hair.
She'll stop and kiss each tiny toe...feel your breath upon the air.

And you'll hear a soft voice comforting; the worlds so insecure.
Two fragile souls are bonding as they hold each other near.

She'll be charmed by every movement; every yawn and stretch and pout.
And she'll celebrate with handshakes and good spirits all about.

And you'll hear the night wind blowing as she rocks you off to sleep.
And she'll whisper words of comfort, with a love that is so deep....

And far across the ocean a mother weeps...

~by Mary E. McRae

This is a little poem that I found at the beginning of our process. I do think that our little, Tatumn Hope has been born, but I wonder often about her birth mother. What a terribly hard decision she had to make on that day. I believe from the beginning of Creation that this was God's plan all along. His plan is so much greater than we can even fathom. His ways are not ours. 1 Corinthians 2:9 says "No eye has seen, No ear has heard, no mind has perceived what God has prepared for those who love Him." We are so thankful that the Lord has included us in this amazing plan. Adoption. We thank you Lord for choosing us.
Waiting, Stephanie


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