Tuesday, May 23, 2006

1 week short.... But it feels like forever!

This morning I had a chance to check the computer before the boys came down for breakfast! I was shocked to see how many e-mails I had received since last night. I am an early to bed kind of girl, and last night Tucker and I crawled into bed before 9! Kip says I would have made a good farmer except all of the hard and dirty work! I am just not an outdoorsy kind of girl. I love to plant my flowers and water them but past that I would rather not be dirty. I like the pool and the park... But I am off track now! Anyways... The CCAA has updated their website to say that they have matched families through June 15th. Again we are a June 22nd family. So, we missed it by one week. The "rumor" is that we will make the next batch. I am praying we do. We have talked about our sweet little one so much and have so many things ready, (except the bed and dresser I keep reminding Kip!) but at times it feels like I am just playing house. Like I am just living in a pretend world. It has been a blast going to the Gymboree and the Gap and shopping on the girl side, thinking about tea parties, and praying that God will train us up and lead us on raising a daughter, but at times it just seems like when I was a little girl playing house. Please don't get me wrong, I am having a great time "pretending"!


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