Friday, June 02, 2006

3 Boys and 2 missing Crocs!

The boys and I went on a little vacation with my sisters and my parents this past week! On Tuesday we loaded up the mini-van and headed to Branson! We love branson. It is down-home country loving kind of fun! If the boys could pick where they would live, it would be Branson. Not just because of the fun but because the people are so kind. It is truly in the Bible belt and most of the people that we meet love the Lord! And there is country cookin everywhere you turn! So, if you know the Crawford boys' you know that country food is at their heart's and tummy's.
But just like anything that we do, there is always something that happens! So, here is just one little story. We were going down, doing great. Nobody was fighting, life was clipping along. Then we decided to make a potty stop. The boys didn't need to go, but us girls did. When I got back to the van, Tanner, my middle son, was out of the van visiting with my mom and dad at their car. Not a big deal, we got him back him and headed down the highway. Our next stop is a traditional one, The Oseola Cheese Factory. We always stop and get string cheese. So, we unload. Only to find out that Tanner is missing his shoe! We look and look and look. He is known for being a little temperamental, so I asked him if he has thrown it at anybody. No, he said he didn't. So, he quickly put on his other shoes and away we went. We unpacked at the condo, thinking we would find it. Nope. So for the 4 days that we were there he had to wear his tennis shoes! My sister thought we might be able to find one blue, left footed Croc in a size 2 on EBAY. What do you think the chances are of that? If there is a little boy just like Tanner, the chances are good. And I feel for his parents. So, we journeyed through Branson! Had a blast! I will post pictures later. My parents were great! I am so blessed to have such amazing parents! My dad rode some rides with us at SIlver Dollar City and Celebration City.! The boys and I rode the Ferris Wheel at Celebration City, and 2 out of the 4 of us in that little cart almost had a panic attack! I will tell you that I had a blister from holding on to the rail so tight! The boys saw mommy freak out a little! I have never seen them so still in all my life! Can you guess who else had a little panic meltdown?......Tanner! I am surprised we are so similar! I always thought he was a little off...hmmmm...What are you saying? I totally get the point! We visited the Titanic. It was fun. Taylor and Tanner really enjoyed it. Tanner had learned a lot in school about the Titanic, so he was a wealth of knowledge. Tucker was not that impressed. He really liked ringing the warning bell!( think church bell sound in a very small room!) I am not sure everyone else enjoyed his enthusiasm, or strong arms! That little boy has some upper body strength! We touched an ice-berg, put our hand in cold water, and Tucker rang the warning bell! Did I mention that? Last night we went to the Dixie Stampede! It is our most favorite thing to do! Had a wonderful time! If you have never been there before, let me share with you how you eat your meal...1st-put your hands up in the air...2nd- shake them...3rd- you just cleaned your silverware! Oh let me tell you the boys love it because they have permission to eat like heathens! It is quite a sight!So, this morning we begin to wrap up our wonderful trip to Branson. We pack up and do a wonderful job not forgetting anything. We hit the road and are making good time. Our first stop is a little place to get gas and go to the bathroom. Again, the boys don't need to go, just get out of the van and stretch. The next stop is the famous place that Tanner lost his shoe at on the begining of our trip. We get out and my oldest son, Taylor, cannot find his croc! We again look high and low, and come up empty handed! What is the chance the EBAY has a size 8 (men) black, right footed Croc? Now, I am a little mad! What is the deal with the Crawford boys and missing Croc's? This is a prime example of why our boys will not be joining us in China? For 12 days can you imagine what we would lose? One out of the 6 of us would come home in their birthday suits by the time our trip would be over! So, he has to stay in the van now because his other shoes are packed and in the bottom of the pile. So, I go to the counter lady and ask if by some chance, someone picked up our first missing croc? The ladies start to laugh, and I want to spank my boys, but she reaches under to counter and pulls out Tanner's missing shoe! Yippee! And I walk out leaving behind a little bit of my perfect parenting skills! So, now when you see a missing shoe on the side of the road, don't you always wonder "how do you lose a shoe?" or "what are they going to do now?" think of the Crawford's! And maybe pick it up, it could be one of ours!
Blessing from the family that looses their shoes,
( I am glad it wasn't one of the boys!)
And because I always have a Bible verse to go with my stories here is one!.... Luke 15:8-9 Suppose a woman has ten silver coins and loses one. Does she not light a lamp, sweep the house and search carefully until she finds it? And when she does she calls her friends and neighbors together and say "rejoice with me; I have found my lost coin!"
Our version is with shoes and searching through a van, but if that missing croc is found I will alert you and ask you to rejoice with us! But for now we are truly thankful for safe travel, great family memories, and that Lord of Creation knows our names and that He loves us just the way we are, with one shoe or two!


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